Swaziland Work Permit

Work Permits for Swaziland Company Directors:

Once you register a company company in Swaziland, you can apply Work Permit as “Company Director”.

For immigration considerations, there is need to submit work/residence entry Permit application to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

For investors, the following documents need to be submitted:-

  • A completed Form (Form 3)
  • Medical certificate (Form 19)
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Form J (list of Directors)
  • Form C (list of shareholders)
  • Memorandum of articles and association
  • Covering Letter;
  • Two passport size photos; and
  • Police Clearance from home country
  • Certified copy of passport
  • Lease Agreements

There are several different classes of entry permits for people wishing to live in Swaziland, and for investors the classes are as follows:

Class D – agriculture and animal husbandry
Class E  – prospecting for minerals or mining
Class F  – trade, business or non-prescribed profession
Class G – manufacturing
Class H – prescribed professions

Class D applications should submit necessary permits to the Ministry of Agriculture and Co-operatives, Class E applications must have a mining right license from the Department of Geological Surveys and Mines, while Class F and G applications must furnish a Trading License.

At the time of submissions, the applicant will receive a dated receipt to help track applications; there is currently no application fee.  At this point, the Ministry forwards the application to the police to ensure that the applicant has no criminal record.  Once cleared by the police, the application goes to the Training and Localization Committee. Subsequently, the application goes to the Temporary Residence Permit Committee which makes the decision on the applicant.  This committee includes officials from the Ministries of Home Affairs, Enterprise and Employment, and Justice.  The Ministry of Enterprise and Employment is responsible for judging whether the business is viable and may require a business plan and interview to ask questions regarding the proposed business.

Once the Committee makes its decision, the Ministry writes a letter to the applicant.  The applicant then goes to the Ministry’s accounts office to pay for the Permit.  The Permit must then be signed by the Chief Immigration Officer and the Accounts office.  If the application is complete, the Ministry’s target is to issue entry permits within two to three (2-3) weeks.

Entry permits are granted for periods up to five (5) years although the applicant should justify the request.  This justification can be based on the level of exports or jobs to be created, or because a commercial bank refuses to provide a loan to those with only a two-year entry permit.  In general, most applicants – both investors and employees – receive a two-year permit.

Swaziland Embassy and Special Envoy Office

Swaziland has its full embassy in Kuala Lumpur which is also designated for neighboring countries including Pakistan, India and Bangladesh.

Furthermore, HRH Princess Sikhanysio, the Principal Princess and member of Royal Advisory Board, Kingdom of Swaziland has specially appointed “Special Envoy” for Investment Promotion in Kingdom of Swaziland and his office located in Kuala Lumpur which offers FREE assistance for investors from Malaysia, Thailand, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Middle East.

You may either get assistance and business support from Swaziland High Commission in Kuala Lumpur or through office of Special Envoy for Investment Promotion, also located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Swaziland Special Envoy office provides FREE assistance for business setup in Swaziland.

Swaziland Special Envoy for Investment Promotion Office:

22AC, 4th Floor, Menara-B, Persiaran MPAJ, Pandan Indah, 55100-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +603 42801178 Fax: +603 2726 8984

Swaziland High Commission, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia:

22nd Floor, Menara Citibank, Suite 3 & 3a 165 Jalan Ampang
50450-Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
TEL: +603-21632511 FAX: +603-21633326




  1. Ngisacela uncedo nge work permit yase swaziland

  2. Hi am in SA originally form Zim I would like to apply for Swazi passport as I sometimes conduct work through Swaziland. What are the required documents

    • Rocky>> Swazi Passport is not a gift item which you can apply in few days!. You have to meet the criteria to be naturalized in Swaziland.
      The only option is, start good business in Swaziland and prove that you are good for Swaziland then if your luck works, Swazis are very generous!

  3. Hi I am a South African, my husband works in Swaziland as the Reverent of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa. He started the application for the working permit 2015 December but was issued with the temporal permit in order to allow his goods in but now he is struggling every time when he has to go back to South Africa because at the border gate they informed him that he doesn’t have the permit so they cant allow him out of Swaziland. I am seeking advice on his behalf and wish to know the period it takes to obtain a Swaziland working permit.

    • Thembisile>> Sorry to hear about your husband’s situation. Please send us your and your husband contact number or you may contact our consultant and may quote “QADKAM” for immediate assistance. We’ll email you our consultant number for your assistance.

  4. Hi i,m in South Africa i,m Pakistani have permanent resident permit i want to start business in Swaziland please advise how to get Business permit ?

    • Kashif>> We already replied you through email. Please check your inbox. cheers

  5. Please sir i working in swaziland ,please

  6. hi i’am in Sri lanka. i want to going swaziland .. so pl tell a good way… and cost

    • ronshan>> Please check your email inbox. You already got a response from QADKAM, Malaysia where Swaziland has its full embassy which designated for Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and also has “Special Envoy of Swaziland office for Investment Promotion, Kingdom of Swaziland”.

  7. Hi halo dumala;i from bangladesh;i am doing busines in south africa i have trp mordan 5yers i want come 2strat buisnes swaziland if i come with entry permit can i do it buisnes or how can start pl tl me

  8. I want a work visa

  9. I am Indian . I am postgraduate pls tell me how to apply

  10. Good day, we do resurfacing of sanitary ware and we have to work in Swaziland for about 5 days, can you tell me what I must do to get permits for 2 of my workers? We are from South Africa and worked in Swaziland for more than 10 years. Best Regards,

  11. Hi pls my brother applied for swaziland student permit and it was rejected, but he has resubmitted it again by correcting the mistake so now how long will it take to come out and what are the other process of getting it fast since he has to start classes by nest two weeks. Hope to here from you soon. Thanx

  12. Hi

  13. Hi I want to apply for swaziland student permit for two yrs.nd I want to know how much it will cost me nd also how long will it take to come out? Pls what are some necessary documents I may need to supply aside my passport that I know nd how is it guaranteed that I will have it in two weeks pls hope to here from u soon

  14. Hi its me moshiur,l’m from Bangladesh now I am staying at South Africa.now I wanna move to swaziland.thats why I took visa multiple for 3 month last week. before my visa expired I need to get work permit in there in swaziland.but I don’t know how? Can you please help me to get work permit.i got temporary resident permit in south Africa. Thank you.

  15. We received a contract to do work in Swaziland. We will travel from South Africa to Swaziland once a week. What permit will we need?

  16. i wints to go work in swaziland

  17. Hye sir am tariq am staying in southafrica I got pakistani passport. And trp permit. Am runing small business in sout I want to move to swaziland plz help me thanks

  18. HI,
    I’m in pakistani and I want to move in sawazi laand here I’m doing a Garments manufactured and export bussines and in sawaziland I want to start the same bussines. I have pakistan passport with trp so wt is the requirmet for work permit and Perment Residence in sawaziland nd how much is going to cost me nd how long is going take to get me work permit and permanent residence
    and Plzz advice which one is easy and good.

  19. Hi.
    I’m in pakistani and I want to move in sawazi laand here I’m doing a samal bussines and in sawaziland I want to start the same bussines. I have pakistan passport with trp so wt is the requirmet for work permit in sawaziland nd how much is going to cost me nd how long is going take to get me work permit.

  20. Sir, I’m from Bangladesh I would like to setup a sole propitorship business in swaziland so I need your assistance. Please help me by providing assistance.

  21. hi sir my name is ali raza i am from pakistan..i am DAE Electrical diploma holder.now i want work in swaziland.please help me

  22. We were granted temporary work permits from 13/08/14 to 13/09/14, but due to unavoidable delays we only entered the country on 26/08/14. We would like to know if our permits will stay valid now until 26/09/14.

    Please could you contact me to clarify.

  23. i would like to open a company and get resident/work permit, i am in the music industry and would be keen on developing the music industry in swaziland and planning events with some of the corporate bodies in the country.\

    please have someone contact me. than you.

  24. i am Ghanaian and i wish to come start small business there and i have one year south african visa in my Ghana passport and what steps can you help me to get swazi permit

  25. hello
    same question we might start a contract in a while and need permits for our workers please let me have forms you require the contract …

  26. We might start a contract in a short while and need permits for our workers please can you let me have the forms you require the contract will be about 8 weeks. We are from South Africa

  27. Hi

    Im south african and i work as a security manager. l specialize in CCTV and gaurding sections. I want to start my own security company in Swaziland. I would like to know wat are the requirements for me to register my company there.

    Thank you

  28. good work thanks for sharing Secretarial Software

  29. Hi, I am working in india as a pharma professional. I wish to work in Swaziland. Please guide me. What are requirements.

  30. Hi,

    I have a business in South Africa and want to do some work in Swaziland as well. How do I go about doing that?

  31. i am coming swaziland please help me

  32. hi i m in south Africa now and i have a nice business here, but my wish i start also same business in sawaziland. i m a pakistani so tell me about the work permit of sawaziland requirements and cost as well. plz mail me as soon as.

  33. my names are alex a ugandan if i want to start living in swarziland what requirements do you need me to be with and work permit requirements katstwin12@gmail.com

  34. i great u all working in this network,please am in mozambique doing bussiness but to come in to swaziland to continue the same biz in swaziland.hw much is the cost of working permit n hw lng will it take to v with me tanks

  35. I am in South Africa I don’t have any permet in South Africa I want to move in Swaziland n I want Swaziland work permet so plz send me your requrmint thanks

  36. Hi
    I Am pakistani and am doing used cars and machiens bussines in south korea.so i want make same in Swazi. export licence work permit 4 my workers.how can i inform me am wating for your postive answer THANK U

  37. Respected Sir,
    Sir I am pakistani nationality. But I live in south africa . Sir I want one month work permit for do bussiness in swaziland plz sir help me.


  38. Hi. I’m staying at swazind I need a permit to be a sauth african. Last years I was traying to doing passport I cn`t find it becouse I dn`t have I mali yokudiza I was so angry becouse I’m in taftime (Sihluthi home affairs) is very corrupted

  39. i am a zimbabwea working in south africa, my fiance is a swazi national, we want to live together in south africa, what must we do

  40. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am Pakistani Nation Currently staying at Saudi Arabia and i am recently transferred from Dubai UAE.

    I am looking for Swaziland Work Permit.

    How i can find work permit of swaziland .



  41. Hi,
    I need to travel into Swaziland every month for between 4-5 days to do merchandising on goods supplied by my company in South Africa, Do I need a work permit for this and if so what is the procedure and how long is the work permit for?

  42. How do I get a business permit coming to do business in Swaziland. What is the time frame and cost. Similarly a friend also has been giving a posting from the Headquarter church here in Nigeria with a branch in Swaziland, so how does he also go about his work permit and what is the time frame and cost as well.

  43. Hi.
    I’m in pakistani and I want to move in sawazi laand here I’m doing a samal bussines and in sawaziland I want to start the same bussines. I have pakistan passport with trp so wt is the requirmet for work permit in sawaziland nd how much is going to cost me nd how long is going take to get me work permit.

    • adnan>>One of the QADKAM consultants has already replied you. Please check your inbox.

  44. hi,
    im living in south africa.i having south african permanent residence.im doing business in south africa and now i want to invest in swaziland as well.kindly tell me procedure how i can get work permit visa as investor in swaziland easily.

  45. Hi.
    I’m also in south africa and I want to move in sawazi laand here I’m doing a bussines and in sawaziland I want to start the same bussines. I have pakistan passport with trp so wt is the requirmet for work permit in sawaziland nd how much is going to cost me nd how long is going take to get me work permit.

    • Your mail has been forwarded to our Consultant. he will contact you shortly. If possible send us email at:info@sawazilandvisa.com with your contact number. This will make the contact process more swift.

  46. Hi. We are situated in South Africa and are required to send a techinican to Swaziland for maximum of 3 days. What are the permit requirements in order to get a work permit. Thanks

  47. hi m a swazi i got a job in SA i wana get a working permit wat should i do

  48. My name is Joseph Mutsvairo I am a Zimbabwean. I am Safety Health Environment, and Quality Officer (SHEQ) by profession I would like to enquire how I do the application process for the work permit to be legally permitted to work in Swaziland, is it through the embassy here in Zimbabwe or I can do it online.

  49. Hi.
    I’m in south africa and I want to move in sawazi laand here I’m doing a samal bussines and in sawaziland I want to start the same bussines. I have pakistan passport with trp so wt is the requirmet for work permit in sawaziland nd how much is going to cost me nd how long is going take to get me work permit.

    • abdul khaliq>> One of the consultant has already replied to you. Plz check your email inbox.

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